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I love working with wrought iron on my projects.  It is such an ancient art that has been lost in many areas.  You can always find someone that can make a basic fence or gate for you but to really find someone that knows how to work with iron is getting harder and harder.  I am fortunate to have two different amazing craftsmen in Lexington, one is a self taught sculptor and the other has extensively studied ironwork and blacksmithing.  They have both produced some amazing work for me.  Here are some examples of work they have done for me on a few projects over the last few years.

I am allowing the gate and fence in these next two pictures rust on purpose.  I feel like this lends a more organic feel to something that it very structural.  Once it get the right patina we seal it with a clear coat which slows the rusting down.  Remember though, rust never sleeps and it will eventually destroy this fence but for the life of the garden it should be just fine.  If you want to achieve this effect more quickly you can treat the iron with Ferric Nitrate.


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