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WET design

I’ve  you’ve been to Vegas you know about WET design whether you realize it or not; even if you have not been but have seen the movie Ocean’s Eleven you have seen their work.  The fountains at the Bellagio are what I’m talking about.  These are amazing but they are doing so much more.  In Dubai their newest concoction shoots water jets 50 stories into the air!

There is no question that WET is the premiere design/engineering firm of water features in the world.  Fast Company magazine just voted them the eighth most innovative design firm in the nation.  Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.  I wanted to show you all a little of what they do: this quick video they put out really shows how much design and engineering goes into what they are doing.  Here is a link to their webpage but I would also recommend you go HERE to look at all the other videos of what they are doing.

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Foggy Bottoms

I saw this water feature in Kansas City at the Sprint world headquarters.  It was an extremely well thought out campus and designed by Kevin Sloan.  This water feature was enchanting; from a distance it was surreal for the sunny day that we were there and to suddenly walk into this fog and mist.  I would check out Mr. Sloans website I had a great time looking through it and there are more pictures of the Sprint Headquarters.

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