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Woolly Pockets


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A Man Obsessed

Most of the nurseries that you visit fall into one of two categories.  1) Bread and Butter Nurseries are full of all of the common plant material we use and that the market is flooded with.  These are typically very clean and well kept.  2) The Plant Nuts nursery is over run with options; often to many to choose from.  It has everything under the sun but is to messy and overgrown (I don’t have time to weed, look at this new plant) to be able to find anything.

Bill Hendricks of Klyn Nursery in Perry OH is the rare example of these two realities combined.  He has a perfectly clean and organized nursery with everything in its place and all weeds at bay.  On top of that he had one of the most diverse and unusual collections of plants available for sale I’ve found.  His real passion though are Cacti and Succulents.  I am grouping this into broad categories which he would never do.  I have attached some pictures of his personal collection which is overrunning the house they’ve been given.  If you are looking for something interesting check them out here.

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The Selby

I need your help.  My wife and I have entered our home in a contest through CB2 Homegoods called ‘The Selby is in your place’.  Todd Selby is a very accomplished interiors photographer and if we win he will photograph my home and gardens.  Please vote for us.  You can do so by following this link.  Here are the pictures as well so you know what you’re voting for.


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Chanticleer Garden

This feels almost foreign to me at this point as it has been three months now since I’ve posted anything.  I have been lost in work and in turn took a break from the consistent responsibility of posting.  I am feeling motivated again and have some things I want to share.  I was just in the Philadelphia area and had the opportunity to visit some gardens that I had been anxious to see.  Chanticleer Garden was one of those.  For a large garden it was the most intimate and personable space I have been it; it’s size does not overwhelm you or make the garden seem unattainable.

Chanticleer is a true gardener’s garden.  The plan has not been laid out by a large design firm but is conceived and installed by the 12 gardeners on staff.  There is a great diversity within the garden itself, both in the horticultural pallet and in the eight distinct gardens that the property is broken down into.  Here are some of my favorite photographs from my visit.


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Urban Outfitters follows the trend

In the past I have written about the mothership company Urban Outfitters (UO) and their deep ties and interest in gardens.  Anthropologie which is probably their best know store uses gardens extensively in their shoots and they are so enamored with gardens and ‘garden style’ UO has opened Terrain. Well the namesake store Urban Outfitters is following the trend.  Their latest catalog makes full use of an amazing estate both inside and out (if you know what property it used in the shoot please let me know).  I think this shines a lot of hope on our future in the garden.  Were you ever hit with images in a popular, hip and trendy way when you were a teenager?  Is this helping the current teenage generation develop an intrinsic love for gardens and quality design?  Lets hope so!!


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Richard Cameron founded Ariel in 2004 and has done nothing but push forward since.  I discovered the firm through the Institute of Classical Architecture where he is the director of their education program during his free time.  The presentations they are putting together for their clients stand in stark contrast to the flashy computer generated graphics that have seemingly become the only relevant way to illustrate.  Ariel’s hand drawn and watercolor graphics prove to me that sleek and modern computer graphics are not the only option out there.  I have always been fascinated by and jealous of those that have the ability to convey their ideas on paper in this fashion and these are some of the best.  You’ve got to visit their portfolio on their webpage to really see what they are doing.  I have also attached a quote that I pulled off of Ariel’s blog by Renzo Mongiardino that is the perfect encapsulation of a large project that so many people don’t understand.

“Occassionally the model intimidates the client.  Then faith must be stronger than understanding, and only a vague intuition allows the work to begin favorably.  But it is difficult for the client to understand the vision of the artist.  Envisioning the finished work is not always easy for the architect, and it is almost always impossible for the client.  Unlike the painting to be bought, or clothing, food, and the many other choices available to people – choices made on the basis of finished materials – the decision about the new house lies in the future, is based on credit, on the model (drawings), on agreements.  The finished product is a surprise.  Only faith can reward the client.  After that critical moment is overcome, sometimes what emerges is the satisfaction of finding smooth solutions and natural resolutions to every uncertainty.  The room responds to the client’s way of life.”

Renzo Mongiardino, Roomscapes


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Longshadow II

I can’t believe its almost been a month since my last post.  Thankfully work is what has kept me away from here with some great projects going on and we are busier with design work than we have ever been.  I have gotten a little bit of time away from the office; most notably I spent the last weekend with Daniel and Charlotte Ward of Classic Garden Ornaments who produce the Longshadow line of containers and garden ornament.  Their production facilities are some of the most impressive I have ever seen and their gardens they have been developing over the last twenty years fit the site perfectly.  I am especially excited to be working on a new formal garden around their house where they are just starting to add a new kitchen and conference room.

If you aren’t familiar with this company you need to be.  These are truly some of  the finest made containers being made.  Everything is hand packed vs. poured and the difference shows upon close inspection.  Here are some pictures from their property to expand on what I last posted.

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