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Rhododendron ponticum

Rhododendron has always been one of my favorite broad leaved evergreens.  There are so few plants that have the presence in a garden as a large specimen.  What seems like many years ago now, I lived in Yalova, Turkey working at the Karaca Arboretum. During this time I was afforded the opportunity to spend a good amount of time traveling and exploring.  One of the most beautiful areas of Turkey that is under appreciated is the north eastern coast of the Black Sea.  The people and surroundings are both captivating, as well as it is the native habitat of Rhododendron ponticum. I hadn’t gone through some of these pictures in years and just found these wonderful photos.

This is my favorite picture out of the group.  How do plants that we battle to grow, amend the soil and fertilize struggle while here this massive specimen is growing out the side of a rock wall?

The Rhododendron were amazing but this monastery clinging to the side of the cliff was equally amazing.

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