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Pruning art

I found this on Jake Hobson’s blog and have been holding onto it for a little while.  Jake says “this is the most amazing yew tree I have ever seen”, and I would have to agree with him.  This tree is pruned once a year by an 82 year old who sets aside most of the month of August for the task.  This is absolutely amazing!!

If pruning is you’re idea of fun then check out Jake’s webpage to find the finest pruning tools and ladders available.


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Pearl Fryar 2

I posted about Pearl Fryar early on in the history of this blog.  Well I was very excited to get the chance to meet him today.  He is here at the ANLA Management Clinic as tomorrow’s keynote speaker.  Here was a man with no training in Horticulture of Design and he was surrounded by a group of industry leaders all clamoring to get some face time with his man.  He seemed to take it all in stride and wasn’t daunted at all.  Pearl has adjusted well to his new found fame but still maintains a humbleness that so many people with new found fame lose.  I can’t wait to hear him speak tomorrow.  If you haven’t seen it you have to order and watch A Man named Pearl which you can buy on his webpage linked above.

Topiary is a dying art that has gone out of vogue and is just starting to make a comeback; here is a man of humble beginnings that is taking an art form formerly reserved for the wealthy and helping to bring this back into the spotlight.  How cool is all of this!  Pearl has broken through racial, economic, social and horticultural molds and made an impact on all of these.  He is a man to be admired

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