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Sculptural lines

I visited Riverfarm Nursery in Goshen, KY yesterday.  They had some great looking plant material and the nursery was perfectly maintained.  As I was leaving I took a few pictures of some of the trees that have just been lined out and I found there to be a real sculptural quality to the lines.  I could drive around nurseries all day but this was very serene.


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As a child I used to watch my mother craft wreathes and baskets out of grape vines that were harvested off of the family nursery.  I was always amazed by how she shaped and twisted these vines and created something new.  Patrick Dougherty an installation artist based in Chapel Hill, NC takes this idea and use of material to a whole new level.  I was introduced to his work on the blog Garden History Girl which is a very interesting blog and worth looking at for sure.  I am amazed and intrigued by the whimsical nature of these installations and the ephemeral quality that they have.  It would be very interesting to watch one of these over a period of time and see how they break down on site and change.  You can go to the Stickworks webpage here.


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Little and Lewis

Years ago I had the chance to visit the studio and garden of sculptors and designers George Little and David Lewis.  Stepping into their garden was like being transported to a different world.  I had always thought columns were supposed to be grey; and all of the garden sculpture I had seen had been classical. But not here.  Little and Lewis has become widely know for their work and have just published a book on their installations.  I am trying to figure out which of my gardens needs a giant pomegranate.  How cool is that!


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Sculpture and Patina

Scan 1This is an amazing sculpture in and of itself but for me the maturity shown here with the ivy covering it and the patina are what really make it.

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