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T+L (not T+A)

This came out of a copy of Travel and Leisure which is always a great magazine to look at.  Their stories are always well styled and photographed.  I love the simplicity of this; yet, when you look closely there is a level of detail you don’t see right away.  Look at the light, within the cages, within the cages.  I think it gives a depth that can really be appreciated when you look at the details.

I also like the idea of the seating area set up in the grass.  People worry too much about their lawns, these are things to be walked on and lived in and to have chairs moved around on.  All of our gardens have peaks in different areas, why not move you’re cocktail area around the yard and appreciate it from new views throughout the year.

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Photo of the week

This just feels so intimate, personal, and warm to me.  I would like to spend time on the bench towards the end of the tunnel with a book.


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