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Lonny Magazine

I have been a little bit skeptical of the oncoming surge of ‘ezines’ but all reservations have been put aside.  Editor Michelle Adams and here team have done a fantastic job putting together a magazine that is stylish, classic and of the times.  And best of all it is free to all.  Here are a few pages out of the newest and 2nd edition.  You need to check this out by going here.

I love the online format which you can see here that lets you browse through the publication.  The bar at the top of the page allows you to choose the format you want to read the magazine in and also has the option to print things out.  This may be the end of a desk full of tear sheets!

I love both the simplicity of this and the attention to detail.  Look at the Birch bark thats wrapped around the candles.

I would like a basket of oranges for Christmas with the leaves still attached please.  This is another great example of the effectiveness of simplicty.

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