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The last post got me thinking about materials and where I have seen other interesting things in use.  It seems that anytime I travel outside the country I end up spending as much time looking down and taking pictures of the ground as I do looking up and around.  These are pictures that I took while I was in Argentina; the amount of detail at your feet is great.  There are many other benefits aside for aesthetics as well.  Here in the States when we have to do repairs we have to take up concrete or asphalt, repair, and then redo the surface.  With a dry laid paver you don’t have the expense and difficulty involved in the repair.  What is probably an even more important aspect is that of water run off.  I know here in Lexington we have a huge issue with storm water run off.  Well, what do you expect to happen when you have so many hard surfaces sealed off? The use of permeable pavers allows that water to leach back into the ground more naturally and recharge our natural aquifers.  Wait, you mean this looks good, is more cost effective in the long term and is better for the environment???  What the hell are we thinking then paving over our walkways and roads?



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