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Patrick Blanc paints the walls green

Last year I did a post on ‘Wolly Pockets’ that I saw Flora Grubb use in her garden center.  I was familiar with Patrick Blanc and his work before and this product intrigued me to follow up and look a little bit deeper into what he was doing.  If you really like this, you need to check out the book The Vertical Garden: From Nature to the City.  It gives a pretty thorough description of many of his projects and has some amazing pictures of his work.  Mr. Blanc has done an incredible job, and really studied the two crafts he practices, botany and design.  You see horticulturists that are designers but rarely can someone as versed in the science of botany wrap their mind around design concepts; I realize this is a two way street.  He seems to be a man of extremes but how much more interesting.  Below is an interview I found that is quick and worth having a look at.


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