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McKinnon and Harris

When I’m looking for outdoor furniture most of what I find is complete junk!  Whether it’s poorly designed or poorly constructed cheap (and I don’t just mean inexpensive, some of this crap is really pricey)furniture is a temporary fix.  When I look at outdoor accessories, be it furniture, containers or garden ornament I always try to push my clients towards something that will last.  Anything well designed and well built will last, I call these ‘generational’ pieces.  I don’t know if I made this up or picked it up somewhere but I think it’s a perfect description for the point I am trying to convey.

When it comes to furniture there is no finer company that I have come across than McKinnon and Harris.  This wonderful furniture company was founded by brother and sister William McKinnon Massie jr. and Annie Harris Massie.  They have stayed true to their heritage and kept all of the production here in the US outside of Richmond, Virginia.  All of the furniture is constructed of hand welded and hand shaped aluminum in their on site workshop.  With a myriad of colored powder coatings to chose from and a lifetime guarantee this amazing furniture is well worth the extra expense.

I love the line in their catalog, ‘We have been dismayed at the prevalence of throw-away things in out disposable culture, and like to think back to a time when things were built to last without exception.’  To see more of their work than shown below visit their website.

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