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A Winter Garden

I love the way a very light coat of snow changes a garden so much.  This is a project I designed that still has some maturing and a few changes to go, but, for the most part it is developing the way I want it to.

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KY Chamber II

A month or so ago I showed you the computer renderings we did for our upcoming project at the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.  We have started construction and I wanted to show you what the walling looks like now that it is underway.  First though, a refresher on the renderings.

Now: under construction.

This is all dry laid masonry except for the walling that the water feature will be built out of.  All of the work is performed by McAlister Stone.  Check out their webpage here.

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My Webpage is finally up!

I have been waiting to get my webpage off the ground for a while now.  Its still not exactly where I want it to be, but I think it will always need to be updated and tweaked.  Elevation Creative Studio here in Lexington did the work for me.  They are a very talented group of designers and there webpage is worth a look at as well.  We are going to photograph all the gardens again in the Spring and really follow them throughout the year.  As well as add a lot of gardens that should be mature enough to photograph by then.  I hope you enjoy it.

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Landscape Plans

Here are a few examples of some of the plans that we have been working on.  These renderings are by my great friend Ted Hardwick; as you can see he is an amazing illustrator and draftsmen.  My presentations wouldn’t have nearly the weight the I hope they do without his help.  We do some computer generated rendering but I really feel like you get a much more organic feel with these.  Enjoy.








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KY Chamber

This is a  rendering we did for the new KY Chamber of Commerce in Frankfort that we are getting ready to start on.  I wanted to create a dramatic yet clean entry.  The pool to the left will be built out of black gunite to give the pool a feeling of depth and topped with our native river marble.  All of the walling is Laurel Limestone and the patio is bluestone and all of the green volumes you see are clipped Buxus sempervirens I can’t wait to get started on this.

ky chamber revised


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The Ware Garden

This is a garden that we put in several years ago.  The top picture of course is the before shot.  We were trying to create a simple garden with strong year around structure.  This has been a very easy garden for the clients to maintain and the flower beds allow the clients to rotate the color thorough that they want.

The water feature is another example of movement in the garden.  It too is very simple yet effective.  I wanted the sound and movement of the water without overwhelming the space.  This is one of my favorite gardens I’ve designed and some of the best clients you could ever have.  I want to thank Elevation Creative Studios for taking these wonderful pictures for me.





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The Reach Garden

These are photos of a project that we installed two years ago.  The main thing I want to illustrate to you with these pictures is how a lot of the color is pulled away from the house and the “foundation” plantings have been kept very simple and clean.  I think it is very important for the house to be able to show off it’s architecture.  I try to keep a light hand near the house typically focusing on evergreens near the house.  This makes sure that your structural plantings are doing their job of grounding the house year round while still allowing the architecture to stand on it’s own while working with it’s lines.  I have designed everything on the outside from the drive and walks to lighting and plantings.  There is a before shot included below so you can see what we were working with when the project started.

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