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Terrariums + Paula Hayes

I started out the morning looking to write a post on terrariums.  They have become so popular and have found a new life in the last few years from the frog and salamander habitats that they were in the 70’s.  I am intrigued by the self sustaining worlds created behind glass.  Its almost as if you get to play God for a minute and look down upon what you have created and think ‘this is a good thing I have done’.  Looking around on the web I found the coolest artist named Paula Hayes has is doing the coolest things.  You need to go look at her webpage and see all the amazing things that she is doing.  Here, I only have the space to look at her Terrariums though.

Paula has taken things to the next level for sure.  She has created these micro environments within a piece of art, and then, the landscapes within are a piece of art themselves.  She even goes to the extreme of having a contract for you if you but a piece making YOU guarantee that you will keep it alive.  Why can’t I do that with my clients?  For us it works the other way around.  Look at these pictures of her work and and tell me you don’t agree that she has got to be creating the most innovative and thought provoking terrariums out there!

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