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Next exactly garden design but this is design that is worth checking out and looking to for inspiration.  I’m not 100% sure if I follow Kelly Wearstler and what she is up to because her working is so interesting and over the top; or, if it has something to do with how beautiful she is.  I’m sure that it has a lot to do with both.  She is always a busy girl between new product lines, both residential and commercial projects (she has to make sure her husband’s hotels look as chic as the two of them) and two kids.  Lately it seems she has been especially busy with two launches at the moment; one for her new webpage which is no longer to be found at but is now made over and can be found at  (this is one of the opening shots)

The second launch is for her new book Hue.  For those of you who have followed her work through the last two books this is the same idea with some new projects.  The book makes sure to show her larger than life interiors as well as making sure that there are plenty of photographs of Kelly herself to keep you intrigued.

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