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Tokyo’s Potted Gardens

My good friend Don Shadow has told me that he had always thought the British respected, and were more obsessed with plants than anywhere else, until he went to Japan.  Tokyo is obviously an extremely densely populated city.  This leaves very little room for gardens.  They have proven themselves as plant obsessed after I found the flickr stream of a graphic designer from Tokyo named Tsuya Tsuya.  He has documented  the potted gardens of Tokyo with near obsession.  If you look at the pictures closely you can learn so much about the Japanese mentality.  Even in what appears to be the poorer neighborhoods look how clean everything is!  The streets are spotless, the plants don’t have a spot or  a dead leaf on them.  I hope you enjoy these; if you do you need to have a look  at his photo stream as this is just a small selection of his pictures.

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