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Movement in the Garden

Movement in the garden is considered by many to be on of the key features in a well developed garden.  Many people implement this through a water feature or the blowing of ornamental grasses in the wind.  One of the most unusual, effective and interesting implementations of the concept was in the lakes region of Italy on Lago Maggiore on the island garden of Isola Bella.  The sites transformation from a rocky island to a palatial estate and garden began in 1632 by the Borromeo family.  The gardens were not finished until 1671 by the third generation of the family on the site under the hands of Carlo Borromeo IV.

There are many amazing and interesting features of the garden but what caught my eye and was the most exciting was the use of Pheasants.  These beautiful and colorful birds along with white Peacocks roam the garden, meandering or dashing back and forth.  Here are some of the beautiful birds in use:

korfhage3 117

korfhage3 123

korfhage3 114


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