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Ilex verticillata

I have gotten a lot of comments and questions on different cultivars of Ilex verticillata since I use them so much this time of year for decorating and filling clients containers with color for the winter.  I pulled this comparison chart out of Spring Meadow Nurseries catalog.  I think this is a good representation of the noteworthy cultivars available today.  ‘Berry Heavy’ is the only one of these I don’t have in my trial gardens and plan on getting a few of those lined out this spring so I can see how well they perform.  ‘Winter Gold’ is a nice cultivar of the golden verticillatas but I am more partial to ‘Verbooms Gold’ which is a new cultivar from the Netherlands that Don Shadow is introducing into cultivation here in the US.  I was fortunate to get some of the first plants to leave his nursery this Fall and they are doing great.  Many people forget to make sure they have their male pollinator; you will get fruit for maybe the first year but from then on you’ll be very disappointed.  ‘Jim Dandy’ and ‘Southern Gentleman’ are seemingly the best males and the most available that I have found.


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