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Spring is here for sure.  Thankfully my design firm is busier than we know what to do with, hence the great distance between my posts lately (that and all day Sunday was spent in online traffic school).  Aside from myself we are all busy this time of year; hopefully in your gardens getting things ready in your perennial beds, planning new sections of your garden and getting your vegetable gardens going.  No matter what you are doing don’t forget to pay attention to the details.  These are the things that I always find the most enchanting about a well planned garden and it is easy to let a lot of these things slip through the cracks.

Fortunately I have found a wonderful garden photographer and blogger that is equally as obsessed with details.   Nanna Byland is from Sweden and  I have yet to decide, and I don’t think she has either, whether she is more interested in taking the pictures or the gardens she is photographing.  She has been so kind to let me steal photos from her that I will be using off and on here to help illustrate ideas and concepts.  You must visit her work HERE at funderagront.

What I have stolen from her in this instance are examples of the simple task of labeling your plants.  Many people have taken this to a new level beyond the everyday plastic label and sharpie.  Other than the last picture these are all Nanna’s pictures.

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