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Indoor bulbs

It is so hard to find color this time of year.  Forcing bulbs inside is one of the fews ways without constant fresh flowers to make that happen.  Most of us are in the habit of starting Paperwhites and Amaryllis so that they are ready for Christmas.  I do this as well but I also make sure that I start a few things in the middle of December so that I have some color now as well.  My great aunt Anna Bain Earls always advised us to add 10% Gin to the water for your paperwhites which stunts their growth (really…hope that isn’t all inclusive) and keeps them from getting so leggy and falling over.  I also have a lot of fun looking for different containers for the bulbs.  My new office used to have a tissue culture lab on site and I have inherited hundreds of beakers and glass jars.  They are working out perfectly for my paperwhites.  So time to break out the Gin and Soda and bring some color into your weary winter.

If you are really interested in the subject look into a book called Bulbs in Containers from Timber Press.  I don’t have it yet but am anxious for my own copy.

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