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Richard Cameron founded Ariel in 2004 and has done nothing but push forward since.  I discovered the firm through the Institute of Classical Architecture where he is the director of their education program during his free time.  The presentations they are putting together for their clients stand in stark contrast to the flashy computer generated graphics that have seemingly become the only relevant way to illustrate.  Ariel’s hand drawn and watercolor graphics prove to me that sleek and modern computer graphics are not the only option out there.  I have always been fascinated by and jealous of those that have the ability to convey their ideas on paper in this fashion and these are some of the best.  You’ve got to visit their portfolio on their webpage to really see what they are doing.  I have also attached a quote that I pulled off of Ariel’s blog by Renzo Mongiardino that is the perfect encapsulation of a large project that so many people don’t understand.

“Occassionally the model intimidates the client.  Then faith must be stronger than understanding, and only a vague intuition allows the work to begin favorably.  But it is difficult for the client to understand the vision of the artist.  Envisioning the finished work is not always easy for the architect, and it is almost always impossible for the client.  Unlike the painting to be bought, or clothing, food, and the many other choices available to people – choices made on the basis of finished materials – the decision about the new house lies in the future, is based on credit, on the model (drawings), on agreements.  The finished product is a surprise.  Only faith can reward the client.  After that critical moment is overcome, sometimes what emerges is the satisfaction of finding smooth solutions and natural resolutions to every uncertainty.  The room responds to the client’s way of life.”

Renzo Mongiardino, Roomscapes


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