A Man Obsessed

Most of the nurseries that you visit fall into one of two categories.  1) Bread and Butter Nurseries are full of all of the common plant material we use and that the market is flooded with.  These are typically very clean and well kept.  2) The Plant Nuts nursery is over run with options; often to many to choose from.  It has everything under the sun but is to messy and overgrown (I don’t have time to weed, look at this new plant) to be able to find anything.

Bill Hendricks of Klyn Nursery in Perry OH is the rare example of these two realities combined.  He has a perfectly clean and organized nursery with everything in its place and all weeds at bay.  On top of that he had one of the most diverse and unusual collections of plants available for sale I’ve found.  His real passion though are Cacti and Succulents.  I am grouping this into broad categories which he would never do.  I have attached some pictures of his personal collection which is overrunning the house they’ve been given.  If you are looking for something interesting check them out here.

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