Chanticleer Garden

This feels almost foreign to me at this point as it has been three months now since I’ve posted anything.  I have been lost in work and in turn took a break from the consistent responsibility of posting.  I am feeling motivated again and have some things I want to share.  I was just in the Philadelphia area and had the opportunity to visit some gardens that I had been anxious to see.  Chanticleer Garden was one of those.  For a large garden it was the most intimate and personable space I have been it; it’s size does not overwhelm you or make the garden seem unattainable.

Chanticleer is a true gardener’s garden.  The plan has not been laid out by a large design firm but is conceived and installed by the 12 gardeners on staff.  There is a great diversity within the garden itself, both in the horticultural pallet and in the eight distinct gardens that the property is broken down into.  Here are some of my favorite photographs from my visit.



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5 responses to “Chanticleer Garden

  1. Lydia

    Gorgeous pictures.

  2. Please post whenever you can because your blog is well worth reading.

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