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Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Aside from my job and passion for garden design cooking and food plays a very close second.  I have been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution as he works with the town of Huntington, WV to help change there perceptions of what is good for us to eat.  He is truly inspiring to watch and has me all the more motivated to keep up with producing my own food and eating well (with a busy schedule I slip for fast food way more than I would like).  If you haven’t seen any of these programs check them out HERE on Hulu.  If you know what he is up to and support it follow this link to sign his petition to show that you care about what is going into our kids food.  As he points out, “this is the first generation that is expected to have a shorter lifespan than their parent’s”.  ????? Is this something we are even going to consider let happen?  So lets combine the two, plant a vegetable and herb garden with your kids so they understand the process of food.  Buy your meats local and fresh and keep the crap out of their diets.


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Longshadow II

I can’t believe its almost been a month since my last post.  Thankfully work is what has kept me away from here with some great projects going on and we are busier with design work than we have ever been.  I have gotten a little bit of time away from the office; most notably I spent the last weekend with Daniel and Charlotte Ward of Classic Garden Ornaments who produce the Longshadow line of containers and garden ornament.  Their production facilities are some of the most impressive I have ever seen and their gardens they have been developing over the last twenty years fit the site perfectly.  I am especially excited to be working on a new formal garden around their house where they are just starting to add a new kitchen and conference room.

If you aren’t familiar with this company you need to be.  These are truly some of  the finest made containers being made.  Everything is hand packed vs. poured and the difference shows upon close inspection.  Here are some pictures from their property to expand on what I last posted.

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