Plants are cool and Anthropologie aims to prove it

It’s official, horticulture is chic!  I just saw the new edition of Anthropologie’s March catalog and most of the catalog was shot either in greenhouses or in a jungle or garden setting.  Its got to be nice to have a massive budget to stock a greenhouse with whatever you want for a photo shoot.  Row upon row of orchids and great detail work in the benches and lath work.  I also love to see these old greenhouses looking so good; I have 4 cypress greenhouses from the 1940’s on my property that need serious attention and seeing these pictures gives me hope.  I’m sure that the photo shoot has nothing to do with subliminal messaging to get people into their garden center concept store Terrain.

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One response to “Plants are cool and Anthropologie aims to prove it

  1. I just got my catalog yesterday and you made me look through it! You’re right, they really make plants look utterly cool. I visited Terrain in Philly last year, a garden center owned by the same corporate group and it is everything one would expect from the parents of Anthropologie. My visit was another photo filled romp of unbelievable vignettes, vintage garden ornaments and lots of great ideas for my yard. It reminds me that I must blog about it sometime soon.

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