I can’t begin to tell you how ready for spring I am.  I came across this picture in my tear files and it didn’t help any.  I planted a 4-5′ Brown Turkey Fig (Ficus carica ‘Brown Turkey’) in the display gardens this fall and I can hardly wait to reap its bounty.  The fruit doesn’t ripen till late summer and fall but the plant has a lot to offer before that.  Figs large lobed leaves make a really bold statement in a garden and lend almost a tropical feel to the space.

There are other figs that can take a little bit of cold, but if you are north of zone 7 this is the cultivar I would recommend.  It prefers moist but well drained soils and it isn’t a bad idea to mulch in the crown of the plant with leaf mulch.  There is so much buzz around local food and growing for yourself;  I think this is a really great thing. A ‘Brown Turkey’ Fig would be a great start to a collection of edible fruits in your garden.

For consumption you can eat the as they are right off the plant and they are wonderful.  I also like to cut them in half and put them on a hot grill for 30 seconds to a minute.  Take them off the grill and place a thin slice of fresh mozzarella on top and then drizzle with a high quality Balsamic; it is amazing.


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3 responses to “Figs

  1. We acquired the brown turkey fig last year. It hasn’t fruited yet, being a very young tree, but crossing our fingers for this year!

  2. I have a great recipe for Chorizo and Fig stuffed mushrooms with Balsamic reduction, if anyone is interested.

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