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Miranda Brooks

I’m not sure how I came across Miranda Brooks webpage; but it was a pure pleasure when I did.  Here work is a powerful combination of formal space development which is softened with more natural plantings.  When things need to be pure and clean though she knows when to leave things alone. From the articles you can find on her website and what the writers have to say about her you can see that  she is not only a stunningly beautiful and sophisticated woman, but also one of complete passion for what she does. While she has picked up lessons from her former employer, Arabella Lenox Boyd, she has built upon that strong base to develop a unique style that is very appropriate to the sensibilities of today.  Business seems to be good for Ms. Brooks as she  jet sets between clients here in the States and Europe.

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Piet Oudolf

I have admired and watched Piet Oudolf’s work since I first starting doing design work.  His work with perennials is regarded as some of the most influential work that has been done.  Piet took perennials out of the english garden and started working with them on a much more massive scale.  The tenant I was always taught was to work in odd numbers of 5 and 7 when work with perennials; Piet instead works with 50-70 of a plant.  The result is magical and creates and creates an ephemeral play of light, color and form as the seasons change.  What many people fail to see is the structural work that he does so well; this man is not a one trick pony!  He works with form and space and extremely confidently manipulates them to move you through the garden as he wants.

A few years ago we met at ANLA’s management clinic (if you are in the industry this is a must attend event) and I had the chance to spend a few nights with him having dinner and talking.  He is filled to the brim with knowledge and stories and ready to share them both.  He was kind and encouraging and invited me to come visit; hopefully that will happen soon!


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Foggy Bottoms

I saw this water feature in Kansas City at the Sprint world headquarters.  It was an extremely well thought out campus and designed by Kevin Sloan.  This water feature was enchanting; from a distance it was surreal for the sunny day that we were there and to suddenly walk into this fog and mist.  I would check out Mr. Sloans website I had a great time looking through it and there are more pictures of the Sprint Headquarters.

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Disney’s Topiary

Friends of mine were just in Orlando and had a chance to go behind the scenes with Disney Horticulture.  I was fortunate to get access to Loriena Harrington’s  pictures and she has allowed me to share those with you.  For any of you that have been to Disney you have see the wide array of Topiary that fills the parks; well here are some behind the scenes pictures of what goes on.  I am particularly impressed with the wide variety of plant material that is used to create the different feels and textures they are looking for.  I think these are very cool.


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Cedrus libani subsp. libani

I took this at a nursery that I went to visit last week and was amazed at both the size of these plants that he had available but also just the plant in general.  This used to be classified as a varietal of Cedrus libani called ‘Stenocoma’ but has been reclassified.  The young plants are a little bit thinner when they are younger as are  all Cedrus but you can see that it thickens up with age.  It has a great upright and narrow habit and a very slight glauca touch to the needles.  This would be a wonderful screening plant (which is what I intend to use it as) or a fantastic specimen.


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I saw this last year when I was in Kansas City and thought this was the best idea.  I had never seen gourds used decoratively on an arbor before.  This was a wonderful garden at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation gardens (I’m sure you’ve heard of them if you listen to NPR).  


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Sculptural lines

I visited Riverfarm Nursery in Goshen, KY yesterday.  They had some great looking plant material and the nursery was perfectly maintained.  As I was leaving I took a few pictures of some of the trees that have just been lined out and I found there to be a real sculptural quality to the lines.  I could drive around nurseries all day but this was very serene.

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