Piet Oudolf

I have admired and watched Piet Oudolf’s work since I first starting doing design work.  His work with perennials is regarded as some of the most influential work that has been done.  Piet took perennials out of the english garden and started working with them on a much more massive scale.  The tenant I was always taught was to work in odd numbers of 5 and 7 when work with perennials; Piet instead works with 50-70 of a plant.  The result is magical and creates and creates an ephemeral play of light, color and form as the seasons change.  What many people fail to see is the structural work that he does so well; this man is not a one trick pony!  He works with form and space and extremely confidently manipulates them to move you through the garden as he wants.

A few years ago we met at ANLA’s management clinic (if you are in the industry this is a must attend event) and I had the chance to spend a few nights with him having dinner and talking.  He is filled to the brim with knowledge and stories and ready to share them both.  He was kind and encouraging and invited me to come visit; hopefully that will happen soon!



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2 responses to “Piet Oudolf

  1. onlyLove!!!!
    ciao dana

  2. Joseph:
    I have always been an advocate of his….. brilliantly orchestrated landscapes that literally take the breath away. It must have been heaven to have him to yourself, to listen, learn, to question him…. one could easily be jealous of this wonderful opportunity you were presented with. The photos speak of the marvellous talent that he is blessed with. A wonderful post, thank you!

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