A new walling material?

I passed this coming back from a project and thought it was a pretty interesting juxtaposition of two different materials.  One completely natural and the other obviously very fabricated.  I wasn’t displeased by the material or the combination of the two types of walling side by side.  I have no idea what the concrete cylinders would have been used for.  Any thoughts on what those might have been used for?

The regular stone walling is dry laid and Central Kentucky is blessed by many country roads be tree and wall lined.  These old walls are a part of the inspiration I look to when working here and trying to work within the areas vernacular.



Filed under Dry Laid Walling, Stonework

3 responses to “A new walling material?

  1. Joesph,
    If the concrete cylinders were smaller in diameter I’d say they were core samples taken to test concrete on large commercial building projects.

  2. Stunning photography! What beautiful country roads! What a labor of love these walls are.

    • I’m not sure when these were laid how much they were a labor of love. Most of these walls were built by slaves or very poorly paid field hands. Unfortunately, sometimes it seems the most depressing labor gives the most enduring results it seems.

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