Terrain at Styers

I just got an email from Terrain advertising their Christmas specials.  For those of you who are not familiar with Terrain it is the garden center concept store of Urban Outfitters (the mothership company of Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People).  It is very interesting to watch what they are doing and their webpage is very cool.  The picture below is the most interesting display of Christmas greens I have seen.  As with Anthropologie a lot of their merchandising is done with everyday items that most of us would never consider using.  I have somewhat mixed emotions about what they are doing.  They are very stylish and forward thinking and they have an amazing product selection.  But, is this just another box store thats just more dressed up and refined?  I don’t know; I haven’t completely made up my mind yet.  What do you think?


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3 responses to “Terrain at Styers

  1. whit

    I am sure the store is pretty amazing, they definitely do a great job of merchandising.

    Have you Checked out Man Shops Globe on Sundance Channel? If not you need to check it out sometime;


  2. Joseph, I have mixed feelings as well. Big box stores are death to small retailers, but on the other hand they are educating the consumer, refining their taste, and making it more sophisticated, that is good! (Can you tell I am a Gemini?)

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