Specimen Boxwood

I have a mildly obsessive relationship with Boxwood.  Especially when they are extremely large. I have run across a man who specializes in just this and could spend hours looking at the same pictures on his webpage over and over.  I have a few plants this size that are on old estates here in Lexington and in Eastern Kentucky that I have tagged to be dug I just haven’t gotten to it yet.  But never, never have I seen so many stunning specimen plants in one location.  George Bridges seems to have acre upon acre of not just specimen Boxwood but flowering trees and large flowering shrubs as well.  You can find him online here. The pictures I pulled off his webpage are literally just a basic look at what he has to offer; got check it out and prepare to be amazed!!



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6 responses to “Specimen Boxwood

  1. Wow, how many years will I have to wait to get boxwood as beautiful as this. They are worth every penny they would cost.

  2. Marvelous specimens. I hope you’ll show how they’re integrated in landscapes once you get the ones you’ve tagged, moved.

    My whole life has been spent among box. When I was a child, we had huge English boxwoods in front of a 40′ front porch. Here nematodes make it necessary to grow Korean box, which gets quite large in their old age, some more than 40 years old. The only down side to box is the pruning.

  3. Tim

    Those are unbelievable! Thanks for sharing.

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  5. April Ring

    Wow, what beauties! Thanks for sharing!

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