Garden Tents

I often find that I can take myself a little bit to seriously when I am work on a plan.  I have to remind myself to loosen up and have some fun with it sometime; after all isn’t that what a garden should be is fun!  I have had this picture tacked to my wall for some time to remind myself of just that.  Where did this picture come from? I have no idea but it is a grand example of a garden folly (I would guess Victorian but I could be completely wrong).  So have some fun in your garden; whoever put this in place did, and look at what a great result.


turkish tent



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2 responses to “Garden Tents

  1. gardenhistorygirl

    Hi Joseph,
    It’s the Turkish tent from Painshill in Surrey, 18th century, and absolutely enchanting. It would have originally been canvas, but has been redone in fiberglass for durability. It is one of many beautiful landscape follies in the park. Thanks for the kindwords about my own blog, and best wishes,

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