Fullmoon Maple






I have been waiting to get my hands on the Fullmoon Maple (Acer japonicum ‘Aconitifolium’) for a while now.  Until I moved to my new office I didn’t have the space for it at my house and didn’t want to use it in a clients garden till I had a chance to grow it myself.  I Finally have it planted directly outside my window where I can see it’s stunning Fall foliage.  Acer japonicum is a wonderful small to medium tree; in cultivation it will reach 20′ to 30′ with a similar spread and is a cousin of the Acer palmatum.  The ‘Aconitifolium’ is a smaller cultivar of the species which shouldn’t get much taller than 10′-15′ making it a perfect size plant for many small and city gardens.  This Maple is hardy in zone 5 to 7 according to Michael Dirr’s  Manual of Woody Landscape Plants.

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  1. What a beautiful maple. I am glad you found room to grow it to see if it is something you will recommend to your clients. I would want something that beautiful in my garden.

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