A pool to relish

This is a near perfect example of what I think a pool should be.  I always explain to my clients that the reality of a pool is that it is looked at 90% of the time and maybe used the other 10%.  This leads to the question of what do you do with it that 90%?  My answer is that it should work as a water feature; one that you happen to be able to swim in.  This is a great example of a beautiful clean lined pool.  The turf running up to the edge instead of a pool deck takes away the sense of a pool as do the details in the coping.  This is at a resort in Italy near Florence.  All of the work done here was designed and installed by a company called Paghera.  They do absolutely amazing work with clients such as the Vatican, as well as all the plans for the Palm Resort in Dubai.

korfhage3 220

I loved the scalloped edge on the canopy!

korfhage3 224

korfhage3 222


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2 responses to “A pool to relish

  1. I love this idea. David Hicks pool at “The Grove” was a similar idea, except the bottom was painted black so it worked as a reflecting pool as well.

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