Marqueyssac Gardens

The Marqueyssac Gardens are in the Dordogne Valley in France.  I have not yet had the chance to visit them, but it is top on my list to visit when I do finally make it to France.  This is probably the most interesting use of clipping and training plants that I have ever seen.  The predominate plant used here is Buxus sempervirens.  Marqueyssac is a fantastic and fantastical example of garden architecture and the development and manipulation of space that I think is so important.  This is absolutely amazing….






Photos were taken by Jake Hobson.  If you want to shape your boxwoods like this visit his website at Niwaki where you will find the finest pruning supplies available.



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2 responses to “Marqueyssac Gardens

  1. Lesley

    Great blog and fantastic photos-will come back to this

    Robert Webber
    The Hegarty Webber Partnership

    • Thanks very much. Great to have some industry feedback. I had a look at your webpage this morning; you do some very nice work. If you have any thoughts on the blog or something you think should be discussed let me know.

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