Garden Architecture

For me creating wonderful gardens always starts with space development.  For years I have heard people refer to this as a garden having great “bones”.  But these “bones” are really about how the space has been manipulated and broken up into different spaces; the garden designer is looking at the garden space just as an architect looks at their building site.

There are so many ways, and wonderful plants and materials that can be used to define the space in a garden.  This can be done with a wonderful brick wall or a well detailed fence.  I also try to look at what plant material can be used to “build a wall” with.  This can be just as effective; even during the winter.  You don’t need to literally screen the whole space all year long; often it just takes something to distract your eye.  This picture of European Beech hedging (Fagus sylvatica) is a marvelous example of just that.  Even though this picture is in the winter Beech hold on to many of their leaves throughout the season creating a very clear division of this space.



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