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The Garden Conservancy

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Preserving America’s Exceptional Gardens

For those of you who are not aware I want to pass on some information about The Garden Conservancy.  It is a wonderful program that finds Americas great gardens and makes sure they remain for future generations to enjoy.  At the bottom of the description below you will find a link to their “open days” program that allows you access to these wonderful gardens.  Have a look at the links to discover some of our hidden jewels and what is being done to preserve them.

Preservation Project Gardens

Preservation Projects Program

The Preservation Projects of the Garden Conservancy lie at the core of the organization’s mission to identify and preserve America’s exceptional gardens for the education and enjoyment of the public. The Preservation Projects Program brings structure and focus to the preservation of important and historically significant private gardens across the United States and the role they play in people’s lives. The Program applies sound preservation and conservation principles to the task and finds ways to transform these gardens into protected and well managed public entities. In partnership with individual garden owners as well as public and private organizations, this Conservancy Program provides the horticultural, technical, management, and financial expertise needed to sustain these fragile environments and ensure long-term stewardship of natural assets so essential to the aesthetic and cultural life of our communities.

Exceptional gardens most often begin as private affairs, the life work of passionate, dedicated, and remarkably talented gardeners. A select number of these are capable of flourishing for generations as public gardens, and it is the Conservancy’s role to facilitate their historic and aesthetic preservation as well as public visitation. The Conservancy’s Preservation Projects Program takes a leadership role in the transition of the American gardens in its diverse portfolio from private to non-profit ownership and management.

When an exceptional garden becomes a Preservation Project of the Garden Conservancy, the owners of the garden and the Conservancy embark on a rigorous process that involves the structuring of legal strategies and conservation easements to protect the property from development. Master plans for stabilization, preservation, interpretation, horticultural management, and public access are developed. New organizational and financial strategies are implemented to build sound governance and fiscal foundations. Often, interim management is required and the Conservancy takes a direct management role, assuming responsibility for managing the garden, hiring staff, administering programs as well as responsibility for the financial well being of the garden itself. The Conservancy provides support in areas such as bookkeeping, personnel management, fundraising, public visitation, planning, and promotion, and also extends its involvement and ongoing advisory services over time to ensure quality and stability.

Over the past 20 years, the Garden Conservancy has helped over 90 exceptional gardens in the United States survive and prosper. In addition, the Conservancy makes its expertise available to dozens of gardens each year through technical assistance, education, and a wide range of short term help and consulting services. Its internships expose a new generation of professionals to the diverse skills required to operate a public garden. The handbook, “Taking a Garden Public,” offers an overview of the issues and strategies involved in preserving and sustaining a garden and points to resources to aid local efforts.

Many of our partner gardens are open throughout the year, as well as, during The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Program. To learn more about the Open Days program, click here.


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Glen Miller : Chattanooga Choo Choo

This has absolutely nothing to do with my normal posts but I ran across this today and it put such a smile on my face I have to share it.  This brings back so many memories of my childhood sitting on my grandfather’s lap while he tapped his foot listening to big band records.  There is so much good music being produced now but you would be hard pressed to equal this!

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Villa Lante

This is a great video on Villa Lante in Italy.  This is an amazing garden that must truly be visited to understand its breadth; however this is a great overview of the property.

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September Perennial Care


  • It’s hard to believe that September is already here.  At he wise age of 31 it is amazing how each year seems to pass more quickly.  This is a great time of the year to be getting things done in the garden.  Temperatures are cooling down making it so much more comfortable to work outside.  There is a lot to do this time of year in your perennial garden.  My favorite thing to do this time of year is to walk through my garden and think about changes that need to be made for next year.  Winter is approaching so make notes to help tide you over through the colder months.    Here is a quick list of some of what you need to be considering this month.
  • Planting and Division:  with temperatures cooling off now is a great time to look around and see what is overgrown.  The cooler temperatures make division less stressful and in turn less care you have to put into the plants.  Make sure to use a good root stimulant to help your plants get started.  By transplanting and installing new plants now you are also allowing them enough time to establish their root system so that they don’t heave out of the ground with the first freeze.
  • Now is the time to install your bulbs.  The first thing that comes to mind are spring flowering bulbs such as Tulips and Daffodils; but don’t forget to think about your Peonies, Poppies and Iris as well.
  • Continue to weed!!!  The more consistent you are with this the less of it you are going to have to keep up with overall.  It is also a good time to get your final round of pre-emergent down.
  • Pruning and deadheading for your late summer blooming plants and any others that look past their prime which you haven’t gotten to yet.
  • If you have any beds that need a little bit of touch up mulch now is the time to get it down.  Make sure to look at past post which you can get to by clicking here to make sure you aren’t using too much mulch.

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