June Perennial Care

DSC_0002Summer is here and there is much to do in the garden.  Having just gotten back from vacation I returned last night to a garden that needed a lot of weeding and touch up.  Most of your perennials should be in the ground by now but you can still get some planting done.  Pruning is at the top of my list right now for both perennials and some shrubs.  My boxwood need a touch up pruning right now and I am tipping some new growth off some of my flowering shrubs to keep them within in the size that I want to maintain them at.  Here is your list of “June to-do’s”.

Make sure to keep an eye on your roses.  I have started to spray for both insect control and for Black Spot.  Make sure if you have Black Spot that you are also picking up any leaves that have fallen to the ground with spots as they will keep the disease present and make it more difficult to get rid of.

Be sure that any new plantings are kept well watered but not soaked.

Weed, Weed, Weed.  Now is the time when seeds really start to germinate.  If you are using a pre-emergent in your garden now is the time to apply a second application.

Continue to cut back spring flowering perennials.  This will often encourage a new set of blooms and extend the bloom time of many perennials.

Deadhead.  This will also extend the amount of blooms that you get out of a plant.

Cutback any foliage that doesn’t look good.  You can also be trimming to keep plants within the space that you want.

If you have any other questions you can always let me know.  I will be more that happy to answer your questions.

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