DSC_0167I bought my house in the middle of the winter and that first spring there was very little that was horticulturally inspiring.  This Clematis was one of the few exceptions!  I have no idea what cultivar this is but it has performed for me year after year.  The flowers are so thin and paper-like that they don’t seem like they could be real.  There has been very little care needed to keep it looking good and with it growing up the lattice on the side of my house I have never had to provide any support for it.  The one thing I do have to make sure of since it is under the eave of the house is that it gets enough water since the rain doesn’t get to it.  Clematis like a slighty moist, and alkaline to slighty acidic soil.  Every spring I mulch it in with compost to make sure that it has plenty of organic matter to feed on and that the soil around it doesn’t get too hot which can cause the foliage to look scorched.  Clematis are a wonderful and easy to care for addition to any garden; mine is the only plant left from the original garden that was there when I bought the house and it will stay there as long as I live there.


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