Pruning back Perennials for Spring



With Spring quickly approaching it’s time to look at your garden’s maintenance and spring clean up chores. Today I want to look at what goes into getting some of your perennials cut back. It’s really important to make sure that you get things cut back before the new shoots of growth get to large and you accidentally cut what you really want to keep.  This is especially true with cool season ornamental grasses.  If you look you will see new growth already pushing on Feather Reed Grass and some others.

Make sure that you keep your fingers safely away from your clippers.  I have seen more than one person end up needing stitches because they weren’t paying attention.

You want to cut the stems back to a height of 2-3″.  At this time of year with Kentucky weather and the possibility of additional cold snaps I would recommend you leave any leaf “mulch” that may be around your plants to provide some extra insulation from the cold.  I would wait to apply any fertilizer at this point;  things should warm up consistently enough by the end of the month for you to look at your fertilization needs then.


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