Storm Damage

img_0166Central Kentucky seems to attract more than our fair share of ice. This years storm fortunately didn’t prove to reap as much havoc as we saw in 2003 but none the less caused a great deal of damage. Nearly three weeks later there are still piles of limbs along the side of the road waiting for pick up. I want to show some of the damage that we have seen and will follow up with images of proper pruning techniques.
The worst part of all of this is seeing some of the more mature trees that have come down due to the weight of the ice and snow. We won’t see replacement trees reach this size in our lifetime in many instances but it is important to replace these trees so that future generations can enjoy the shade and the scale that these plantings provide.img_0160
One of the biggest mistakes I saw during the storm was people going out and trying to knock the ice off of their plants. This can cause more damage than good. When limbs are frozen like this trying to knock the ice off can cause the limbs more damage and even break the limbs while they are brittle. You have to be patient and let the limbs come back up on their own as the ice and snow thaw. It is amazing to see how resilient damaged plant material can be.


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